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So you wanna know about curating content, huh? I’ll take this as a sign that by now you at least got the memo that your social channels SHOULD include curated content, and not just a bunch of yammering on about how great your brand is.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do me a favor and read this from my favorite appletini drinker and content crime-buster, Captain Content.

First, I need to tell you that you better be ready to get your hands dirty, because this is going to take some work. But you know what they say: nothing worth having comes easy. And trust me, being able to curate great content is a skill that’s definitely worth it.

Listen up: ANYONE can curate content. Yes, you heard me correctly, anyone. Even that slob of an account manager Joe, who leaves coffee grinds in the coffee maker and always eats the last of the break-room jellybeans. Note: if you are Joe, clean up your act man.

But not just anyone can curate content the right way. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, makes my head spin more than a bunch of retweets or rapid-fire posts that have absolutely NOTHING to do with a brand’s message or values.

I’ve made it my mission to eliminate irrelevant content, and I’m starting by giving you five foolproof tips, (even you, Joe), that will save you from the utter embarrassment that is useless content curation.

Get to Know Your Audience

What? Is there a broken-record playing in here? We Contentinators say this all the time, so it must be true. Plus, I wouldn’t cross a bunch of brawny, badass guys and gals like us, but that’s just me.

Enough about us, let’s talk about your audience. Which super trendy bloggers do they follow? What news sites do they retweet? Whose photos of warm, gooey, chocolate chip zucchini muffins are they pinning on Pinterest?

The hope is that your audience is made up of people who would actually be interested in your brand. And that means they’re liking, posting, and following other brands whose content is relevant to yours. Do some discovery work and find out which brands, sources, or trending topics are popular within your audiences. This list makes up the relevant, interesting, and valuable places to look for content. By sharing content that you know your audience already values, you become a more credible brand.

Employ the RSS.

A little content-marketing 101 here: RSS means Rich Site Summary, and it performs a nifty little trick that allows you to subscribe to a variety of sites, news outlets, blogs, etc. Plug in that list of sources and you’ll have a treasure trove of beautiful, glowing content right at your fingertips. But don’t neglect to keep tabs on your sources – new bloggers and news sites are popping up all the time, so it’s important to update your feed accordingly.

Ahh, Google.

Really, what can’t Google do? Ok, fine, Google can’t (or isn’t) really doing Google+ all that well, but that’s a topic for a later date.

Outside of organizing your sources themselves, you can also have a personalized feed delivered to you every morning with relevant news topics and trends that appeal to your audience. Google combs through the inter-webs based on the key words and phrases you subscribe to. But you have to dedicate a good chunk of time (I’d recommend an hour) to going through everything.

CARDINAL RULE of All Content Curation: never, ever, blindly post an article without reading through, or at least skimming, to make sure it’s on target with your brand. Anyone who does so will be banished from my presence forever.

Is There an App, or Software, For That?

You might be thinking, wouldn’t it be great if I could streamline the process find content and post at the same time? Very clever, Young Grasshopper, I’ve taught you well. And guess what? You can.  Between the Hootsuite Hootlet plug-in, and software like BundlePost, Oktopost, and PostPlanner, you can aggregate and load your content at the same time. But remember our rule: I advise making sure that you always know what’s going out on your social channels ahead of time.

Think Social

It might seem incredibly basic, but there’s nothing wrong with sharing content from your social feed, as long as you’re putting your own original spin on it. Remember what I said about endless Retweets? Yes that’s steam starting to rise off the top of my head: I’m angry even THINKING about that idea. That’s a big part of what it’s for, anyway, to interact and engage with not only your audience, but the brands you find that most resemble yours.

No fear! Your Superheros at The Contentinators are here for you to guide you through the ever changing world of digital marketing. We exist to provide your business with EPIC content marketing support. We are passionate about creating amazing, rich and remarkable content geared to increase your brands digital footprint. Give us a call at 866-471-4748 and let us help you save the day.

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