Four Social Media Types to Avoid

I’m going to cut right to the chase: social media, like relationships, can be HARD. Luckily, my fellow content crime-busters and I are here to help you navigate the ins and outs of successful social media use in content marketing. Let’s start by talking a little relationship 101. If you operate using the rule of equal effort in your human relationships, you’re on the right track. This means that if you’re putting significant effort into making a relationship work, you expect the person on the other end to do the same. And you should give yourself a high five for knowing just how awesome you truly are.

Pretty clear, right? What’s not quite as clear is that this simple equation should apply to social media. There should be apparent benefits from the types of people you follow. You’re a rockstar, remember? And you should get what you deserve from the people you follow.

I can certainly understand the tricky twists that cloud our social media judgment. We’ve all been guilty of enjoying the flattery of attention from follows, likes, and Retweets, even if these accounts are meaningless to us. But just as you shouldn’t let a cheap drink and a coy smile steal your heart away, don’t be so quick to give a follow.

Here are four types of social media users you’d do best to avoid:

The Bragger

Please. Nobody wants to hear about how AWESOME your new software is, or worse, how much BETTER your new software is than your competitors. You know the type: constantly tweeting about themselves and underhandedly ragging on competitors to make themselves stand out. Well guess what, it works. They stand out as a big, non-important loser who nobody wants to follow. Next, please.

If a brand or person is really worth your time, you’ll know it, because the kinds of content they share will be valuable to you. Good marketing is always successful when the product being sold is good. End of story.

The Spammer

I’m always shocked to see these people. I mean really, do they think a ridiculous Direct Message or Instagram comment about follow for follow or make cash now will hook people? I guess it must, because I keep seeing them. But anyway, it should go without saying that fake accounts do nothing except destroy your credibility, no matter how many attractive, (and fake), photos one might be posting…

The Sales Guy or Gal

Somehow, people have gotten it into their head that social networks are a great place to do business. We’ve all tried to tell the masses of common-folk, in one way or another, that social media is NOT for selling. And it will never be, so I suggest all those salespeople just get over it and move on.

Social media is a place to engage, (ahh, rings so true), your audience, so that they start to like you and then become a consumer. It’s all a process. And the ones who don’t see this, who don’t understand that in the social media marathon you need to run before you sprint, are getting a big fat F. If someone isn’t providing you with content or ideas that strike your fancy, it’s best to part ways.

The Over-poster

Ahh, the over-poster. This person is hard to quit because sometimes, you just kinda feel bad for them. They have something to say and they want the world to hear it, but the world wants to hear less of them. It’s not that we don’t value what they’re putting out there (as long as it’s not spam, salesy, or boasting), it’s just that they need to tone it down.

The best way for someone to lose followers is to post incessantly. Usually, this just comes down to your own level of tolerance. Is following your favorite lifestyle site kind of annoying the hell out of you because they post new articles every five minutes? Then go ahead, be ruthless. There’s a lot of great content out there, and you shouldn’t let over-posters clog up your feeds.

This is just a simple rundown of four of the biggest kinds of social media offenders.

The bottom line is, if someone you’re following doesn’t pass the equality effort test and isn’t providing you with content that works for you, it’s time to move on.

Got more questions? Hit up the Contentinators any time, we’re here to help with your social media relationship needs and get you rocking with your content marketing strategy.

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