Protecting Peace, Justice & The Digital Word.

One way to ‘game’ the search engines is to create written nonsense and spread that nonsense all across the Internet. The Contentinators were formed to battle this atrocity to the digital word. Creating nonsense articles just to get Google’s attention is a growing problem, which is why Google has been constantly updating and refining its algorithm.

When you site down to compose a blog article or social media post for your content marketing program, keep it real. Keep it you. Put your personality into your writing, and most importantly, write for your intended audience (reader), not JUST for the search engines. Further, it’s critical that you don’t duplicate your new article all across the Internet or on multiple domains. While it is important to get your content shared across the net, you don’t want to run the risk of Google penalizing your web site for duplicate content.

Need help with your Content marketing program? Have no fear. The Contentinators are here to provide you with a steady supply of genuine, intelligent, rich content written for YOUR audience. Call 866-471-4748.


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