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Guest Education Through Content Marketing

Filling a hotel is a nightly competition that puts the amenities and customer service your location has to offer to a full test. But the rooms are not filled retroactively, of course, and although many guests can often be counted on to return to a well-maintained property, one of the biggest factors to a full house is getting the fantastic details of your hotel out to the public, and, crucially, getting those details out in a fun and engaging way will reach potential guests. This is where the magic of content marketing can used in hitting nightly room quotas.

A hotel’s biggest enemy can be the mystery of what lays within. Guests want to be secure in what they’ve booked and confident in what they’ll find when they get there. So, the difference between booking Hotel A or Hotel B can often simply boil down to knowledge. In that regard, there’s no more interactive and informative way to pass on understanding of your property than through sophisticated and detailed content marketing.

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Here are three quick tips that can enhance every level of guest education:

Be detailed: Good content marketing allows for a high level of detail, especially with physical destinations. And guests are looking for a place that can go beyond the norm in terms of information; there is no limit and no overload when it comes to having factual familiarity with a place you intend to put your family for a night. What brand of pillows are you using? What channels do your televisions get? What shampoo do you have on hand? These may seem like small things, but why not answer them?

Be vivid: Speaking of ability, modern social media means you have the chance to show off a property in a wide spectrum of ways: walk-thru videos, high-resolution pictures, detailed resort layouts; make them all available and make them stand-out. This can extend beyond the hotel itself: consider presenting local landmarks through the specific lens of your location and brand. Crafting an image is vital, but when guests know exactly what they are getting, they are more likely to press book.

Be confident: And while information and detail are crucial, presence, conviction, and allure have equal roles to play. You are a destination that needs to seen; your online image and representation should reflect that. The odds are that these pieces of content are the first time your prospective guest will absorb your brand, so make them count.

A good strategy involves not only having a visible online presence, but having a personality, one that both matches the attitude of your hotel and, in theory, that of your guest. Look for bold placements and clear descriptions, a brand that supports a physical location and empowers it. With solid content marketing on your side, you can set the atmosphere and be assured that your outfacing public image is matching the standards of the interior of your hotel. When these two things come together, full room counts follow.

If you need help with your online marketing efforts, contact content marketing agency, The Contentinators™, today. You can call us at 866-471-4748, or contact us online.

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Want to reach a whole new digital audience? We convert your existing blogs to dynamic audio experiences. #Audio #Blogging #Podcasting #ContentMarketing

Want to reach a whole new digital audience? We convert your existing blogs to dynamic audio experiences. #Audio #Blogging #Podcasting #ContentMarketing

How's your hotel website copy? We're here to make it snappy.
#hospitality #hotelmarketing #ContentWriters

How's your hotel website copy? We're here to make it snappy.
#hospitality #hotelmarketing #ContentWriters

Is your telecom content a snoozefest? We create engaging telecom content that your target consumer actually wants to read. #Telecom #ContentMarketing #ContentWriting

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