Content Marketing, It Doesn’t Pay To Be Cheap.

There is a huge temptation out there to go cheap on content generation.  More and more businesses are beginning to understand that solid Internet marketing campaigns have to rely on generating content, so they go out and hire a content writer for pennies.  They get what they pay for, and ultimately, their brand and online presence will start to suffer.

Here’s why.  Prospects are actively seeking out businesses.  They, of course, go to Google or another search engine and start digging deep to learn more about your company.  If they are constantly seeing a slew of garbled nonsense online, articles that make no sense, press releases that are pure garbage, they will think the same of that company.

The content that your business churns out online is a direct reflection of the quality of company that you are.  Consumers do see right through nonsense and will seek out the companies that have quality written all over them over a company that is spewing out nonsense.

Search engines can also penalize web sites that are being linked to from bad online neighborhoods.  So, shady content writers may plaster poorly written content in places that Google does not respect or trust.  The end result, guilt by association and your web site can be removed or penalized by Google.

When it’s time to get serious about your online content marketing needs, it’s time to give one of my Superhero content writers a call:  866-471-4748.


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