Since Google started refining its algorithm via their legendary Panda update, businesses are scrambling to try and find a happy balance online between graphics and content. The fact is this: Google wants to see rich content coming from your web site and social media venues. The more rich, relevant and unique content it finds, the more it will reward your web site with search engine rankings.
Google has gotten so sophisticated that it can / is penalizing web sites that are using excessive graphics and / or links on a page, it is looking and yearning for WORDS. This means, changing a few words on your about us page or FAQ section isn’t going to dramatically improve your SEO rankings.

Here are 3 superhero content tips to help keep your content marketing efforts on track:

  1. Balance.

    As will all things good, there has to be a balance. Your website needs to be aesthetically appealing, but it also needs to have the rich content that your users and Google are looking for. Be certain that your copy IS NOT in a graphical format. I’ve seen many lazy web designers create web site copy as graphics, Google can’t read graphics, therefore, it sees no content.

  2. Frequency.

    The reason I created The Contentinators was because businesses are always too busy to create their own content. I’ve been in the SEO business for 14 years and hear it everyday, “I don’t have time to write” or, “I HATE to write.” Here is the reality, if you aren’t building out your website and adding rich content, the odds of it getting in an Organic SEO search is slim to none. Consider one of our content subscriptions to get that rich content and feed your audience and Google.

  3. Editorial Calendar.

    Looking for just the right words to say? We all get writers block, myself included, but if you plan out your content strategy for the year and stick to a content delivery / composition schedule, you’ll be much better off, AND have a road map of just what to write and when.

The bottom line with Internet marketing and SEO these days is content. Create amazing for human beings (your prospects) and Google will ultimately reward you for your contributions to the Internet.

Thanks for reading.


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