As Captain of the league, it’s my mission to ensure that every piece of content that leaves our lair is composed to be digested by HUMANS.  I’ve seen more than my fair share of horrible, evil content crammed into horribly designed web-pages, usually used to trick or game the search engines.
It’s mission critical to your business that you make certain that your premium content is easily digested by humans and loved by search engines.  Here are a few content presentation tips to make it easy for your audience to grab and go….

Grab And Go Content.

Your Website.
Start with a clean website layout that’s not afraid of using white space.  Display and organize your most recent content with a teaser line so that your home page is not consumed with words. Keep your blog posts / articles / whitepapers tidy and organized and remember that people have about a 3 second attention span.

* Use bullet points for easy to ready content.
* Keep content short, sweet and to the point
* Add images / video, etc. to mix things up and be visually appealing.

Social Media.
Keep your posts short and sweet and if ‘distributing’ new content, make certain that your URL’s are not 4 miles long.

* Post where you know that your prospects and audience are hanging out and engaging.
* Post often, but don’t make every social media post a link to a new blog / piece of content.
* Talk to others, it is called Social media after-all.

Video Content.
For the love of all things sacred, please don’t set your videos to auto-play. Let people tell you when they want to watch your video content. I’d also strongly recommend that your videos are HD quality and use high quality graphics in their production.

* Keep your video content under two minutes.
* Remember to add a call to action at the end of your video.
* It never hurts to add your logo to the intro and end of your video.

To learn more about content marketing or to discuss a premium content subscription for your business, give one of my superhero content writers a call today.  866-471-4748.


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