Human Optimization

You’re browsing the Internet using your favorite search engine. You’ve got a problem. A deep problem at that. You’ve got to know more about that new fishing lure. You heard about it on TV, your buddies are constantly bragging about how amazing this new-fangled lure is, you’ve got to learn more. You drop your search query into that inviting white search box and click that search button with eager anticipation. And then it happens. Displayed there nice and neatly are a bevy of search results, reviews, ads, etc.. You’ve done it, you’ve cracked the code, you’ll be catching more fish in just days. You click the first article you see and BAM! KAPOW! ZAP! You’ve found evil content.
The first sentence starts out all nice and informative and then it quickly deteriorates. Keywords are stuffed everywhere, grammar is terrible, spelling is off and the author appears to have as much fishing knowledge as my pet hermit crab Stewie. This is not good, in fact, you may have actually dropped a few IQ points after reading such rubbish. Not only did your fishing outing suffer, you’ve been victimized by evil, insidious content, content merely generated to grab search engine rankings. EVIL INCARNATE.

As countless brands struggle to get the attention of hungry information seekers online, they may be lured into purchasing content for SEO purposes. Content subbed overseas, content that is simply spewed out by some automated computer program, content from the deepest, darkest places in hell.

It’s imperative that your brand writes content for humans. Real humans who love to read, real humans who crave your insight. This is the golden nugget of marketing.

Be certain that your content is optimized for humans:

  • Speak To humans.
  • Educate with authority and expertise.
  • Tell a story.
  • Beg to be shared across the Internet.
  • Invoke emotion.

At The Contentinators, we fight the battle of good and evil content daily. Businesses and agencies come to us to create remarkable, amazing, intelligent and shareable content. Content that sells that fishing lure, content that entices people to read more, content written by industry leaders for homo sapiens.


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