I’ve seen this question posed several times in the last few months, Is Content Marketing A Fad?


At The Contentinators, we believe that content marketing is just a newfangled phrase to explain what people should have been doing since Al Gore turned on the Internet. Content marketing is nothing more than providing fresh, relevant and current content to an ever-hungry Internet audience.

What’s Sparked This New Content Fad?

Google keeps tweaking and adjusting its algorithm to detract SEO folks from gaming the search engine results. Since day one, the mission at Google was to deliver fresh and relevant search results to that hungry audience we mentioned earlier. Content now, in order to be noticed and indexed has to be rich and amazing.

People have dramatically changed the way that they shop and purchase products and / or services. With smartphones, Ipads, laptops, etc., people are now in charge of finding what they want and WHEN they want it. People now visit 10.4 places prior to purchasing anything, they visit Yelp and read a review, they visit your website, they visit your Facebook page, they ask a friend through a social media channel, etc., but the point is, they are seeking content from your brand in order to make their own buying decision.

What Should Marketers Be Doing?

Creating Amazing Content.
Whether it’s video, white papers, blogs, audio, info-graphics, etc., it’s imperative that your brand has a content creation strategy and editorial calendar in place.

What Should Marketers NOT Be Doing?

Creating / Purchasing Nonsense Content.
Creating content on the cheap by folks who can’t complete a sentence can be a death sentence to your brand. People DO judge your business by your content, so it’s imperative that you don’t follow the temptation to do it on the cheap.

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