A huge rule of thumb with marketing is to put yourself in the shoes of the intended recipient. Would you want to read boring content all day? Are you out on the web surfing for boring videos? Do dry white papers spark your interest?
Consumers today have NO time for boring. Content that will differentiate for your brand will be compelling, engaging, shareable, quotable, digestible and concise.

No doubt, your brand has a personality, how can you incorporate that personality into your writing?

  1. Be Real.

    Consumers can sniff out fake / forced content in a heartbeat. Be yourself and your personality will surface.

  2. Don’t Sell.

    If your content is constantly asking for a close, you will push consumers away. It is important to provide consumers with the necessary contact information / other ways to connect, etc., but forcing sales through content is not the name of the game here.

  3. Mix It Up.

    Throughout your content marketing campaign, it’s critical that you mix it up, add video, add photos, add info-graphics, etc.. Keep your content visually appealing.

  4. Shareability

    It’s imperative that your content is easily shared. Look for WordPress plugins (or plugins for your particular CMS) that enable social media sharing on your posts, pages, etc.. The easier you make it for folks to share, the more successful your campaign will be.

Keeping your content lively and real will compel your audience to draw closer to your brand.

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