To the league of Superhero content writers at The Contentinators, blowing things up is second nature, so it was only fitting that I dispel and explode some Content marketing myths.

7 Content Marketing Myths Exploded.

  1. Content Marketing Is Brand Spanking New & Trendy.
    That’s a big negative Ghost Rider. Content marketing has been around since the first exchange of information, the first telegram, the first commercial, etc.. It’s been thrust into the spotlight recently as companies try to engage the online audience. It’s not surprising that every second, over 34,000 search queries happen in that Google search box. This audience is seeking information. Content, delivered by businesses, at the right time, with the right message, in the right place feeds that hunger.
  2. It’s The Quantity Of The Content, NOT The Quality.
    A huge negative. In fact, the thought of this mentality makes my Superhero blood boil. Why on God’s green earth would your company produce something subpar period? Why would your brand even entertain that notion? You wouldn’t do it offline in a commercial, why would you do it online? We can blame a portion of this mentality to un-scrupulous SEO folks who believe that creating nonsense is the key to Google rankings. Spend your time creating amazing & remarkable content that your prospects will WANT to read and share, and Google will love your brand even more.
  3. I’ll Write My Own Content.
    Hmmm, if I had a nickel for each time I’ve heard this from a business owner. Business owners are busy owning businesses. They are not typically writers & they don’t typically have the time to write amazing content. I’ve seen many start off strong only to come to the realization that they can’t give it their all. My mentality is this: if you can’t go all in on something, stay home. Creating fresh, relevant, shareable and amazing content is no different. It’s a commitment to not only quality, but to feeding your hungry audience the goods that they want, frequently.
  4. Web Content Has To Be Lengthy.
    Nope. When you browse the web do you spend hours reading content or minutes? Your audience has digital ADD. They don’t have copious amounts of time or patience to spend reading 13 pages of your latest insight into the housing marketing. Keep it short, sweet and to the point.
  5. Nobody Reads This Stuff Anyways.
    Correction. Nobody reads nonsense. If you create amazing content that speaks to your audience with conviction, personality and authority, people will read, and more importantly, share it.
  6. Search Engines Just Want Backlinks.
    A HUGE negative. Search engines want to provide their searchers with rich, amazing, informative content written by experts. They don’t want their searchers finding websites that just happened to be linked back to by 13,345 shady websites in some foreign country no one has ever heard of. Websites that provide their users with a rich user experience and feed those users with amazing content WIN.
  7. Content Is Just Written Words.
    NO, False, Incorrect, Negative. Content can take on many shapes and any balanced Content marketing campaign should be well balanced with Video Content, Infographic content, audio content, blogging, social media posts, etc..

The key to winning at content marketing is to let your passion connect with people. People. Not Search Engines, but People.


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