Keepin’ It Natural

As Captain of The Contentinators, I not only get to wear over-sized stretchy spandex pants and a cape, I get to meet all kinds of folks who are passionate about SEO and getting their rich content discovered by their target audience. Each and every time I talk to these SEO folks I keep hearing the same SEO / Keyword related questions:
How do we manipulate the content that The Contentinators creates to optimize it for search engines?

How do we dump in keywords for SEO?

How do you pick the keywords for the content?

Here’s my answer.

We write natural content for human beings to love, share and comment on. We write content that speaks to the right audience, we write natural content that human beings will love to read. We ask our clients what’s important to their users and more importantly, when is that particular content important?

Yes, getting your content found in Google is critical, but now, more than ever, Google doesn’t want your business focusing on keywords or how to manipulate the search engines, they want you focusing on feeding your target audience with rich, meaty, natural content.

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