“We live and breathe words.”

Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince

We truly do live and breathe words, and as more and more words get thrown up on the Internet, it becomes more and more challenging to reach the right audience with the right words at the right time.

Marketers have always been obsessed with pushing out their message via ads, TV, print, radio, etc.. This push to pierce and infiltrate the consumer is gradually becoming less and effective as consumers drop their cursor into that clean, white search box.

Why is providing premium so vital to the success of your brand?

  1. That Little White Search Box.

    Every second, 34,000 searches are performed in that little white digital box. Your consumers are seeking solutions to their problems, they do this all day, everyday on every device connected to the Internet. Your brand’s mission: solve their problems with your content marketing campaign.

  2. Noise.

    As the world turns and becomes filled with marketing noise, consumers tend to shut your messaging out. Simply put, our minds are not geared to store as much information as they are receiving today. Content marketing allows the consumer to find, read and engage with your brand on their own terms.

  3. Socialites.

    Social media is not only changing the landscape of the Internet, it is changing the way that we communicate as human beings. We share with each other, we learn from each other, we say things online we may not have the courage to say off-line. Consumers will dismiss your brand rapidly if you’ve wronged them or disappointed them. This, obviously, gets shared rapidly. On the other side of the coin, consumers will also brag about your brand provided that you’ve wowed them. Your content marketing campaign needs to focus on listening, engaging and using your words to address those consumer concerns and praises.

  4. Share & Share Alike.

    Great content gets shared like wildfire across the Internet. A unique and amazing content marketing campaign can spread the word about your brand and message rapidly if it gets in front of a connected audience.

Use your words, feed your prospects and let them breathe your brand.

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