Starfish On Beach

Lost In The Digital Sea.

Every second of every day, millions of new pieces of content are being added to the Internet.  Some good, some great, some amazing, some repulsive.  Content is truly what makes the digital world go round and clearly, content marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your target digital audience.  But how can you create amazing content that will not get lost in the digital sea?

10 Tips To Rescue Your Content From Being Lost At Sea.

Name It & Claim It.
First and foremost, if you can’t write, don’t. Don’t force it, don’t dread it, don’t get all freaked out about it.  If you can’t write, hire someone who is a copywriting expert.  Writing shoddy copy can hurt you more than it can ever help you.

It Takes Personality.
No one wants to read boring nonsense, EVER. If you are an attorney, financial consultant, plumber, rodent control specialist, undertaker, etc., it’s still imperative that your content captures the essence of your brand and excludes personality.

Mix It Up.
Add images/photos to your blog. Add compelling videos. Create amazing graphics to illustrate your story. Keep it coming.

Don’t Stop.
So many folks give up when they don’t sell a million units as a result of their latest blog post or social media tweet.  Remember, content marketing isn’t about selling as much as it is about connecting and establishing relationships with your prospects.  Don’t give up.

Be A Giver.
Your content needs to FEED others.  It needs to connect with them on a human level and leave them with a takeaway.  You don’t need to give away the farm, but know this: if your website visitors don’t find what they are looking for because you didn’t want to share, they will simply go to your competitor and find it there.

Human Touch.
Again, content marketing isn’t about SELLING.  It’s about connecting with humans.  Great content evokes human emotion and touches people. Great content triggers a response, whether it’s to share the content or comment / engage.  Connecting with human beings should be your focal point.

Sharing Is Caring.
If your content is worth sharing, your SEO may suffer.  Google and the other search engines want to know that your content is written for humans and shared by humans. Make sure that your content is easily shared through social media sharing tools on your website.

Be Unique.
PLEASE don’t go steal ideas from other companies.  Your users deserve unique.  They expect unique.  Unique will get your content found, talked about it and noticed.

LOVE Your Content.
If you wouldn’t be proud to put your name at the bottom of your content, don’t even bother hitting that publish button.  People notice when your passion comes through your words, they also notice when you don’t give two cents.

Be Transparent.
Your audience has a BS detector. They know when something isn’t quite right or when they are being snowed/lied to / bamboozled, etc.. Hiding things from your audience, particularly if your brand comes under fire can be a recipe for disaster. The truth will always set you free.

The bottom line: create amazing and reap the benefits.

Thanks for reading.


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