Digital Citizens, we are facing a dark, evil, sinister reality in our ever-growing digital planet. The presence of underwhelming, sub-par, non-relevant content is growing at an alarming rate. The League of Superhero Content creators and I have been waging a just war against this sinister content, but we need your help.

MALCONTENT has been spewing forth nonsense to non-suspecting clients and passing it off as SEO content. The content being dumped out of this word touting villain would cause your elementary school English teacher to contemplate jumping off of a skyscraper.

We cannot and will not allow evil, garbage content to infiltrate the digital universe.  Please join us in this quest, if you spot evil, sinister content or MALCONTENT, please call us on the Superhero Super Duper Hotline: 866-471-4748. 

We can’t do it alone citizens, we need your help and desire for premium content.  Remember, Content is for humans, NOT for search engine manipulation.

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