Nonprofit supports great causes to make the better world a better place. We may want to be humble and say this work isn’t done for the attention, but let’s face the truth: attention is important for keeping nonprofit organizations alive. The Contentinators understand this; that’s why we save businesses by creating epic content and wear spiffy outfits while doing it. We also understand that spreading awareness can be a key factor in attracting and retaining the donors who fund your organization. We’re here to help you create amazing nonprofit content that makes your mission shine to the people most interested in supporting you.


The lifeline of nonprofit organizations are the people who believe in their cause. Nonprofit needs passionate volunteers who dedicate their time and energy for the greater good. And then there’s the difficult subject to address: nonprofit needs donors. Nonprofit relies on their donors for the financial stability they need to carry out that mission statement. These donations are important enough for increased fundraising to be a top metric for measuring content marketing success.

Pulling in and retaining donors is critical, but don’t be the guy who goes on Facebook begging for money. Donors will keep on giving if they feel an emotional attachment to your organization. They want to know that you’re making a difference in the community, and they want to know that their own time and money matters. This opens up opportunities for nonprofit content marketing to speak directly to and engage these donors. The industry has seen the benefits of speaking to an audience’s interests, and nonprofit’s main concern has been curating content that is emotionally appealing to their target audience.

Top nonprofit content marketing goals

* Content Marketing Institute, 2016 Nonprofit Content Marketing

Donors are motivated to give when they have a personal relation to the organization’s cause. It may be that you’re working on saving animals, and your donors are passionate about homeless dogs. It could also be that your organization raises awareness for a major health concern, and your donors personally know someone affected by the ailment. No matter what the reason is, the people you need to be talking to are the ones who care about your organization.

You need to build a relationship with your donors if you want them to contribute. That doesn’t mean you need to take them out on a fancy dinner date this Friday, but you do need to know who they are and what they care about. Instead of asking for their money right away, ask for their time. Learn who your audience is and give them opportunities to be engaged with your organization. Create a story that appeals to their emotions, and use visuals of your work in the community to create a stronger emotional impact. Inspire them to attend or volunteer at your organization’s events. Then, when it’s time to start asking for those donations, your donors will care enough about you to lend their support.

Percentage of audiences more likely to donate after attending or volunteering for an event

* 2016 Abila, Donor Loyalty Study

What happens when you’re not putting out content that speaks to your donors? You lose them. Personalized content that addresses your audience’s interests isn’t only vital for drawing in donors; in most cases, it’s the factor that leads to retaining them. In the audience’s eyes, the quality of a nonprofit organization’s content reflects the quality of the organization. If it’s vibrantly visual, engaging, and tells a story about the good you’re doing, donors will want to stay onboard. If your mission statement is vaguely present and your content is more boring than watching grass grow on a hot summer day, your donors will take their money elsewhere.


If you want donors to donate, they need to care. Great nonprofit content marketing pulls in your audience by raising awareness for your cause. If you give them opportunities to get involved with your organization’s events, then that engagement results in an emotional attachment to your organization. This is the leading factor that leads them toward giving what they can toward their cause. If someone puts time and energy toward you, they want to see you continue to thrive.

Percentage of donors who would stop donating due to poor nonprofit content

* 2016 Abila, Donor Loyalty Study

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Audiences judge a book by its cover. Don’t give your nonprofit organization a cover made of dull, meaningless content that’s left to collect dust. Give your audience vibrant content that motivates them to open the book cover—and keep reading. Or, in this case, donating.