Priming The Content Pump.

So, it’s Friday afternoon after a long week.  The Contentinators and I have been up to our spandex and capes generating amazing, premium content for amazing clients all over the digital universe.  We’ve fought evil digital content, we’ve pulled a few all-nighters to make things happen, I’ve personally tripped over my cape a few times and managed to irritate the Hulk in public which did NOT end well.  It’s been a long week and I’m spent.
After you’ve been at it, and after you’ve written darned near everything you think you could have ever written, how do you pull a few more words out?  I wanted to assemble a few ways that myself, The Curator, Engage & Sleuth find inspiration to keep on keeping on.

  • AppleTinis.The Curator loves Appletinis. He swears a few of these bad boys helps get his creative content juices flowing, but I’m not yet convinced. I’m not judging.

  • Read, Read, Read.
    One of the best ways to derive inspiration to write more is to read more.  Don’t simply read industry-related ‘stuff’, let your mind wander a bit, read some creative novels, pick up a comic book, fill up your brain with new stuff.

  • Music.
    Music can be an amazing way to prime the creative pump and get your mind into the writing zone. Be sure to read this article to discover what’s on my personal content generating playlist.

  • Exercise.
    I’m not gonna lie, I wear stretchy spandex pants for a reason (other than obvious Superhero reasons). I like lasagna. A Lot. We all need exercise, some more than others, but it’s a great way to clear out your head. I find that content ideas come to me when I’m performing ‘mindless’ activities.

  • Take A Shower.
    This works for me. After a long day of flying the #Orlando skies, I’m covered with schmutz and need to rinse off. I get some of my best content ideas while hosing off.

  • Take In Some Art.Sleuth got me hooked on this, he’s quite the renaissance man. Pop into a local library or art museum and spend some time digesting some creative.  This can push your brain into some creative spaces you didn’t know were there.

  • Get Outdoors.
    I enjoy long walks on the beach and hiking.  Breathing in some fresh air is another great way to get your head straight and be inspired by God’s amazing creation.

  • Have Coffee With A Peer.
    Simply having a conversation with a peer can spark some creative ideas. Be open to other ideas and thoughts and your brain will do the rest.

Be certain to always have a device or pad of paper to jot down your inspiration. If I had a nickel for every content idea I’ve forgotten, I’d be buying Bruce Wayne a bigger mansion and would throw one in for Alfred while I was at it.

Thanks for reading and sharing. @CaptContent.


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