Some jobs are best left to the professionals. We all know that the guy who bought some tools and read a DIY guide is more likely to break everything than get the job done right. When a client is looking for tips or has realized that they really need to call a pro, they’re going to search online to find you. The Contentinators know how informative content about your services can generate those leads, and we’re here to help you create educational professional services content that works.

Percentage of customers who research content before making purchase

* 2014 Nielson survey


You’re a professional in your line of work. You’ve done your research, gotten plenty of experience, and are the best person to turn to when your client has a problem. While it would be fantastic if those potential clients called you right away, they don’t. They ask Google. They travel around the internet looking for the answers to their questions, and chances are they’ve already found the answer they’re looking for before they contact you directly for your services. Customers today are well-researched and knowledgeable. They don’t call you for information. They call you because they have found the knowledge they need, and they’ve concluded that you’re the best person to get in contact with.

These clients are also becoming less likely to hear about you from a referral. The referral system isn’t close to gone yet, but sometimes it’s easier to search Google than to contact a handful of acquaintances. With a quick online search, your potential leads can find a list of businesses in the area, and they can see whether or not these businesses are reputable. This is where epic professional services content has a chance to shine. Your potential new leads are already searching for you online, which gives you the perfect opportunity to show them that you’re a trustworthy expert in your field.

How clients research professional services

* 2014 Hinge Marketing Survey


We now have a plethora of information available to us through the phones in our pockets. Your clients are taking advantage of this to find out whether or not they can trust the quality of your services. While many still ask friends, most clients find the information that they want through Google searches and social media, with LinkedIn being their preferable social network to see you.

How clients find professional services on social media

* 2014 Hinge Marketing Survey

When a client finds you online, they can find one of two things: they can see you as someone who wants to sell your services, or as someone who wants to educate them about your services. No one likes a salesman, and if they get the impression that you’re only interested in their money, they’ll go elsewhere. Education is key. This is what pulls in those clients who are looking for the answers to their questions. If you educate them about your services, it builds their trust in you and your brand. They’ll see for themselves that you’re an expert in your field who cares about the quality of your work.

Some may say that giving them those answers will teach them how to do the job themselves, leading to fewer customers for you. Don’t worrythe DIY trend can only go so far. Customers will trust you less if they’re not learning anything from you. You’re not selling out your business secrets for free, you’re letting your potential customers know that you’re a trustworthy expert. When they read your content, your name sticks in their mind. They’ll call you when they’re ready for your services.


Customers today are educated about their decisions, and they trust you more if you’re the one who shares the knowledge. Through professional services content marketing, you can pull in those clients early in their research process. The content that is made to answer their questions will catch their attention, and you’ll brand yourself as a friendly expert rather than a dreaded salesman. The client who trusts you is the one who decides to call you.

Percentage of consumers who feel more positive about a company after reading content

* 2014 Demand Metric


You offer fantastic professional services to your clients, and we offer epic professional services content marketing to you. Don’t put that knowledge to waste. Use it to pull in new customers who, through your content, already know that you’re the person they need to get the job done right. A business can’t thrive without generating those leads, so fill out that form below. The Contentinators will get in contact to help you create the informative content that builds trust between you and your clients.

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The DIY trend doesn’t save money if someone ends up making the problem worse after reading bad tips online. Save your clients from creating a wreck. Give them informative content that makes them realize that calling you is the smarter decision.