Picture it. Your prospects are doing a Google search, they have a problem. Intent on finding a solution to their problem they dig, and dig and dig. They find your brand with a possible solution to their dilemma. They click the link from the Google search results and find a mumbled up, grammatically incorrect pile of mess with your brands’ logo crowning it. Talk about the ultimate guilt by association! Your brand is instantly devalued in your prospects mind and they click that back button and move on to your competitor.
Friends, this happens everyday. With so many brands diving in deep to content marketing, the temptation is to send content production overseas or find the cheapest writer on the market. Oftentimes, brands have no idea what is being spewed out and labeled with their name on it. This is the face of evil content. This sinister digital pollution is threatening to not only hurt your online reputation, it threatens to clog up the digital arteries of the Internet. This, my friends is why The Contentinators exist. The league and I will no longer stand for shoddy digital nonsense, that’s our vow, that’s our mission.

I’ve assembled a few content marketing pointers for your brand to consider:

  • Investment.
    Don’t do this on the cheap. Your prospects are seeking expertise from your brand, not nonsense. Invest in a content writer who understands SEO, who understands your industry, who gets social media.
  • Content process and workflow.
    If you do sub out your content, make certain that the content creation company has a solid workflow and process in place with editorial checks and balances.
  • Editorial Calendar.
    I can’t stress this enough. Dig deep into your company and generate an editorial calendar that emulates your sales cycle. This will make certain that the right content is generated at the right time based on consumer behavior.
  • Review.
    You need to be hands on when it comes to your content. Make certain that you appoint a staff member to be the official brand ambassador and review the voice of your content. Keep it consistent, keep it real.

The Contentinators are here to generate rich and amazing content for your brand. My hand picked league of Superhero content creators have a passion for generating rich, shareable and informative online content for your Content marketing campaign. Give me a call today to discuss: 866-471-4748.

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