Why People Read Your Content.

I’m often asked on the Superhero content helpline how often content should be added to a website, social media, channel, blog, etc.. There is NO magical answer to this, but simply a reaction to what your audience is seeking.  If your audience demands more, you feed them more. If your audience shares your content, you keep feeding them sublime content that they WANT and HAVE to share.  If your audience is commenting and engaging your brand with sensible questions and interactions, you feed them more and come alive.
Content marketing cannot be mechanical.  Your content should always come from the very essence of your brand and be an extension of the total experience you offer.  So many folks are obsessed with the mechanics of social media, SEO, blogging, etc., that they simply forget and forgo the human factor. Their content becomes ALL about them and all about their search engine rankings.

Humans want the following from your content:

  • Someone to follow as a thought leader.
  • Someone to direct and guide them.
  • Someone to engage and speak to them AS a human.
  • Someone who will not insult their intelligence and constantly try to sell to them.
  • Someone who will simply acknowledge that they exist and speak to them.
  • Someone who will communicate thoughts, ideas, and information on their level.
  • Someone who will challenge them from time to time.
  • Someone who will nurture them with rich knowledge and valuable information.

If your brand is not speaking to humans through your content and simply seeking to gain search engine attention and indexing, it’s time to rethink your whole reason for existence on the Internet.  The Internet belongs to the people. Feed Them. Nurture Them. Lead Them. Pay Attention To Them.

When your brand needs rich, relevant, engaging copy, call my Superhero content hotline at 866-471-4748. We write for humans.

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