If your company isn’t using the Internet to build customer relationships, it may be missing the boat. Obviously, social media has become a huge component of our everyday lives and relationships are now forged in an entirely different fashion. As more and more people encounter more and more ‘stuff’ through search engines, social media channels, etc., they become less and less tuned into the content that they are actually seeing / digesting on a daily basis. THIS is the challenge of Content marketing now, how to be amazing.
I was paying very close attention to the Superbowl ads last Sunday and took away the following… The ads that won told a story. Not just any story, a human interest story. The Dodge Ram Farmer spot pulled me in, the Clydesdale Budweiser ad sparked an emotion and helped me to connect. This is Content Marketing at its finest. Telling stories to touch human emotion and endear them to their brand.

How can your content build lasting relationships?

Tell Stories

Tell your personal story, tell them about your passion, tell them about how your life was changed as a result of your product, etc.. BE human and reach out to other humans.

Ask Questions

Your content should be interactive, how can you entice or evoke a response out of your website visitors? That’s where relationships start taking shape, be a trusted authority and a trusted educator to your audience.

BE Yourself

Your brand / company has a personality. BE that personality through your content marketing efforts, be consistent, be honest and again, be human.

Ask For Their Business WHEN It’s Appropriate

Businesses who are constantly pushing sales down their consumers throats are the ones struggling these days. Know when to ask your content consumers for a sale, know when to be a resource and / or friend.

Be There.

Being in the right place at the right time with the right message isn’t always easy, but after a while, you’ll know where your audience is and what they are hungry for. Feed them, and feed them often.


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