Content marketing is exploding as one of the purest forms of Internet marketing. It’s about words. It’s about engagement. It’s about being relevant.
As your prospects scour the web for answers to their various problems, your brand has the opportunity to solve those problems with authority. Content solves problems and endears people to your brand. Do it well and they will keep coming back. Do it wrong and you run the risk of alienating your prospects and tarnishing your brand’s reputation. Here are a few golden rules that your brand should consider when embarking on a Content Marketing campaign.

Captain Content’s Rules Of Content Marketing.


  • Don’t Sell.

    People do not want to be sold to. Do not use content to sell. Use it show your expertise and authority in the subject matter.

  • Speak Their Language.

    Be certain to know the language of your potential readers and speak it. Research the keywords that your intended audience uses in Google to pull them to your brand and incorporate those keywords into your content. Remember, great content always puts the reader first.

  • Be Selective Over Your Distribution.

    One of the core goals of a content marketing campaign is to share your content in as many places online as possible, but not all ‘places’ online have a great reputation. Be selective over where you distribute content so that your brand isn’t associated with any ‘bad’ online neighborhoods.

  • Be A Planner.

    Establish a content editorial calendar and stick to it. Create and distribute content when it matters most to your prospects. This ensures that you are connecting when you are needed most.

  • Keep It Tight & Right.

    Keep your content on point and minimalist. No one on the Internet has time or the attention span to read elongated content. Keep it short and sweet.

  • Analyze.

    When’s the last time you opened your analytics and examined where your traffic is coming from? Which article is thriving, which one is flopping? If you aren’t paying attention to the stats, you can’t really make informed decisions about what to write next.

  • Sharing Is Caring.

    Does your website platform make it simple for your content to be shared? You’ll want your readers to be able to share your content with all of their friends. Be certain to provide social media sharing tools and keep them simple. Getting your content shared by key social media influencers can be digital gold for your brand.

  • Engage.

    This part can be challenging. In an ideal world, your readers are contributing and commenting on your articles. This type of interactivity can be a huge boost to your brand. Make it easy for your readers to comment and be certain monitor and enter the dialogue when applicable.

  • Beware of Evil Words.

    The temptation to purchase content on the cheap is overwhelming. My league of Superheros and I spend our lives combating cheap, evil content by generating premium, engaging content. Cheap and crumby content can end up ruining your online reputation and leave a bad taste in Google’s mouth.

  • Following some of these basic rules and ALWAYS putting your audience first can yield great success for your brand. If my team of superhero content writers can help, give us a call: 866-471-4748.

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