SEO Evolution

My friend Morph and I were kicking back on Friday night and sipping on appletinis after a long week of fighting Deceptor Marketing and Sentinels. Our discussion drifted into one that really hits close to home for Morph – the pros and cons of change. An odd subject to discuss with a shape-shifter for sure since that power makes him invaluable to the X-Men. Funny, we couldn’t come up with any cons. Morph and I are all about change. Change is good. It’s often hard to effect change but if we are willing to embrace the rejuvenation and spark it ignites, change is a beautiful thing. Convincing others to embrace change is sometimes a superheroes job.
The needs to increase inbound marketing were once totes dependent on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which only recognized keywords and more keywords and then even more keywords (a.k.a. “Keyword Stuffing”). In its infancy, web marketing also relied heavily on poorly written content maxed out with stale keywords believing that would certainly get Google’s attention. Google started to get antsy because of the gobs of complaints that started to roll in from the content results not being immediately visible. Google became pissed off as complaints kept coming. They rolled out an update that prohibited the stuffing of keywords and the posting of poorly written content. The rules were changing to make content engage the reader. It needed to be packed with interesting, relevant info. You can scope out my original thoughts on the evolution of SEO by clicking here.

Change was looming large on the horizon. The Blogging Bastion had its job to do. Convincing businesses that writing superior content and energizing the website with more than text was the best and most cost effective way to invite the masses into their companies was (still is for some) a super-human feat. The Contentinators remain dedicated to, pardon the verbiage old friend, “morphing” the SEO purists.

Are you a hold out to the evolution of SEO to Content Marketing? Having problems identifying where you need to make the changes on your website? Not sure how to get a more user-friendly and interactive website? Need fresh and relevant content? The Contentinators are the link that brings SEO and content together for a long-lasting, kick-ass relationship, so remember to embrace the change, harness its power. Afterwards, celebrate your website’s success by pounding a few appletinis, my drink of choice, of course. Cheers!


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