Heart of Paperclips Sexy Content Marketing Tips For Your Unsexy Industry

Content Marketing & Dating

Finding the right strategy to promote your product or service could become a real challenge for marketers and business owners depending on the industry. Like everything in life, there are things more appealing and fun than others, and while we are not here to convince you why the air conditioning industry is the most exciting industry in the world, we can assure you that this industry can have as many chances as any other to implement a successful and talked about content marketing strategy.

A bland product can not be used as an excuse anymore for a bland marketing strategy. Your marketing can be very effective, whether you sell paperclips, coffee filters, or the latest top-notch Japanese drone in the market. You might need to get more creative to change the perception that people have of your product or service–that’s all! But you should see this as a positive challenge and an opportunity to show your audience why you love and believe in your products or services. Who loves a great challenge? We do!

When creativity knocks on your door, content marketing will be your master key to open it. Today, we review five tips to spice up your content marketing strategy, to engage with your audience, and to increase your return of investment (ROI).

  1. Inject Some Personality in Your Content

Your content needs to speak the spirit and essence of your company, but this doesn’t need to be boring. The same way you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) talk to a client like you didn’t sleep in three days, your content needs to be entertaining and exciting. Be sure to make it catchy and something that your readers will enjoy reading. Don’t write an essay; we are not in high school anymore and, well, you didn’t like them back in the day for a reason, right?

  1. Stay On Topic

If you don’t have an interesting topic to write about, just leave it for another day. Writing a blog just for the sake of it won’t do you any good. If it’s interesting to you, it will be interesting to your clients, too. Try to always educate your audience and offer answers to their questions with the content you create. Stay relevant and always be looking for trending topics that apply to your industry.

  1. Play Your Cards Wisely

Since we agree that your industry might not be as sexy as others, and since you now know what to do to solve it, try to take advantage of that knowledge. While your competitors are still crying in their offices and making poor excuses as to why they’ll never be able to execute remarkable marketing campaigns that result in sales, you can now keep pushing your creativity to make that connection through the power of content between your product and your audience. Don’t waste this opportunity. You have huge advantage over them!

  1. Keep It Short

As long as you take into consideration the previous tips, the content that you generate doesn’t need to be super long; 350-500 words will do it. Try to always divide your content into sections or main key points to make it more appealing and easier to read for your audience. This will help your readers to scan through the content and find the real value they came looking for.

  1. Add Some Graphics

Researchers found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. With this stat in mind, the need to create visual content becomes almost mandatory for any content marketer willing to get his/her industry noticed. Infographics, videos, and custom graphics will be necessary to better engage with your users and to increase your visibility. Changing the perspective on how people receive, see, and feel about your products is something that you can do with the right content marketing strategy and a dose of creativity. Who said that a paperclip couldn’t be cute? For some, it could be just a piece of metal, but for others with a creative mind, it could be much more. It could be cute, it could be fun, or it could be sentimental. Come up with a well-planned message and communicate that to your target audience.

If you are ready to take the challenge of transforming your “boring” product into a charming one that can actually generate some attention, we can help!  Let The Contentinators® bring your products to life with the generation of the right content for your industry. Start creating effective content marketing that produce sales today!