Ask Your Content Marketing Company

Questions To Ask

More and more marketers and business owners are realizing that content marketing isn’t just a trend-it’s here to stay. While content marketing is becoming increasingly pervasive in the digital landscape, it’s imperative that you find the right content marketing partner that is going to represent your brand accurately and positively in the content that is being generated and distributed on your behalf. The Contentinators® wants to make sure that all of our partners do their due diligence when finding the right content marketing company with which to partner. We’ve done our research, and here are six questions you need to ask your current or future content marketing company.

  • What marketing services does your company provide? Working with a full-service agency is going to cut down on the amount of management and operational hours that will be put into your digital marketing strategy. The more services you can put under one roof, the more efficient you can make the creative process and improve transparency. If you have several companies under your marketing umbrella, your time is going to be spent communicating with several different people and understanding reporting and content delivered at several different standards.
  • What is your scaling ability as our company grows? Sure, you may enjoy the personable nature of working with a local agency, but are they going to be to handle the amount of management, content and creative that will go into your account as your company grows? If there is an international expansion, will your content marketing be able to take on the responsibility of generating content in different languages or marketing it in an international marketplace? Making sure the company you’re working with can grow with you is imperative.

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  • How do you measure content effectiveness? Marketing is all about results. You need to be able to measure and find the value in almost every marketing action you take. While measurement for some companies is just traffic, sharing and clicks, your content marketing company should be showing you the actual monetary value of their content marketing efforts. Also, monitoring user behavior in a more effective way using metrics like bounce rate, time on site, and event tracking in Analytics can dig deeper to show you how your users are engaging with your content.
  • How large is your network? True content marketing companies will have a small core team to manage SEO, projects and accounts, and the rest of the team will be made up of vetted freelance content generators so that expertise can be pulled from the strongest content creators possible. This allows a more in-depth understanding of each industry to be explored because freelancers with knowledge within that industry are contracted. In addition to that, having several writers at your disposal can help to generate dynamic content with a more balanced point of view.

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  • What is the line-by-line cost breakdown? Try to determine as early as possible if there are any hidden costs within onboarding or implementation. Make sure that you’re aware of how you’re being charged and for what you’re being charged. If you’re being charged for “premium, white-glove service,” ensure that’s what you’re receiving.
  • What quality control guidelines do you have in place to ensure that the content is meeting the brand’s standards? If you’re a financial institution, you may have a compliance department that manages and approves/disapproves your content. You need to ensure that your brand’s voice, your brand’s integrity and any other compliance standards are met before the content goes live. You will need to ensure your content marketing company is aware of any compliance or style standards set forth by your brand, and make sure there are protocols in place to ensure those standards are met.

If you’re searching for a content marketing company that fits your mold and is more than willing to provide transparency and answers to your questions from the very beginning, contact The Contentinators® at 1-866-471-4748.