Social Media Cheat Codes to Help You Destroy the Competition

Every Wednesday, Captain America and I like to get together for a friendly evening of gambling, gaming and gore! That’s right–I’m talking about a videogame battle between yours truly and the American poster boy–or should I say, poster PUNK. What’s on the itinerary? Injustice, the superhero player vs. player combat game. The Captain is an honest man, and he always wonders why I always have the upperhand in virtual battle. Two words: Cheat codes. I always unlock my avatars’ amazing abilities so they’re fighting at peak performance. It’s not cheating, it’s strategy–and it works.
Cheat codes don’t only apply to video games, however. There are cheat codes for social media as well. Social media can inform, engage and motivate your viewers to bring their traffic to your digital doorstep. However, not everyone is using this wonderful source to its full potential, and some are not obtaining the ROI that they desire. I’m here to help you unlock your full social potential with some social media cheat codes.

Facebook Cheat Codes:

  • Link Thumbnail Images (→ – X – LT – RT – Y) – Use Facebook’s recent changes to your advantage by linking your thumbnail to a site. Facebook will scour the site for the image with the largest dimension, and that’s the image that will appear. This will give you a high click through and more eyes will see your content.
  • Call-to-Action Button(↑ – ↓ – ↓ – A – A) – Activate the Call-to-Action button to increase traffic and add UTM parameters to track traffic.

Twitter Cheat Codes:

  • Twitter Pinned Tweets(→ – B – A – A – LT) – Highlight and pin your key tweets to your profile! Have your organization’s goals on permanent display so followers can see what makes you special.
  • Twitter Summary Card (LT – LT – RT – B – B) – Twitter summary cards allow you to customize your posts and decide how your audience will see them. There are three types of cards: photo card, player card, and summary card.

Google+ Cheat Codes:

  • Markdown Styling(← – ↓ – RT – → – X) – Markdown style is the non-techy way of installing easy-to-read formatting. You can attract and engage your audience with simple content that is bolded, italicized or struck through for extra emphasis.
  • Interactive Posts(→ – → – A – B – Y – Y) – Similar to the Call-to-Action button on Facebook ads, they add a “listen,” “learn more,” or “sign up” button to your shared posts.
    Pinterest Cheat Codes:

  • Use Rich Pins(A – ↑ – ↓ – B – X – LT) – Rich Pins provide better user experience by presenting more content than past posts. Titles, Favicon, URL and meta descriptions are all presented with the image when using Rich Pins.
  • Update Your Boards for the Season(A – ↑ –  → – A – LT – LT) – Don’t let your Pinterest page become stagnant, change your cover photo and consistently adapt your boards with the seasons to keep your visitors intrigued./li>
    Instagram Cheat Codes:  

  • Photo Map Labeling(↑ – ↑ – ↓ – A – RT) – If you don’t have a physical business location (or multiple locations), but still want to Geo-Tag your Instagram posts, use Photo Map Labeling.
  • Upload to Instagram from Mac or PC(RT – LT – ↓ – ↓ – LT) – An app, called Gamblr, is available for those who want to use a nice DSLR, or other form of camera, for their Instagram photos. You no longer have to rely on a phone camera; upload your images to your PC or Mac and then use the Gamblr app to post onto Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
    • LinkedIn Cheat Codes:

    • Call-to-Action Images Inside Posts ( → –  → – ← –  ↓ – A) – This cheat code adds a call-to-action image to your LinkedIn deep content. The image is matched based on relevancy to the content’s topic, and these pictures will increase traffic and shares.

    Implement these social media cheat codes to put your opponents to shame! I know I will the next time I meet Captain America in the social media universe–he loves to lose to me. Stay tuned for the bonus round, where I update all my followers on Captain America’s pathetic attempts at virtual combat–a.k.a. he’s going to get his but whooped by a girl. Until next time, I’ll see you on the Web! XOXO
    It should be noted that typing these cheat codes into your social media profiles will accomplish nothing. They are strictly there for stylistic purposes.


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