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When I’m not saving the content universe from the hands of Deceptor Marketing or destroying Captain America during a friendly bout of Injustice, I fancy myself as an amateur, yet fabulous, social media artist. Every major artist has a style or calling card that individualizes them from their peers. Whether it’s a signature, a hidden element found within each work, or the use of a similar color pallet or style, every artist has their defining elements.

Visual expression and design is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd, connect with your audience, and catch your viewers’ attention. A consistent and interesting visual design can help personalize your digital brand and increase the level of social media engagement your sites receive. Get out your logos and Photoshop color filters and start your creative engines! Let me paint you a vibrant picture of the landscape of visual design for your social media marketing strategy.

  • Designate a color palette. Every major brand, such as Virgin, Google, Procter and Gamble, and even McDonalds, have a designated color palette, and they stay true to that palette in all areas of communication. Think of your brand’s personality and what you want to convey to your audience and then pick a color palette that displays that persona. This color palette is a powerful tool when it comes to brand recognition. Is your brand reliable and trustworthy? Or are you more innovative, aiming to inspire creativity in others? All of the elements surrounding your brand’s persona should help you select the perfect color palette. Once you’ve found your ideal color palette, write down your hex codes and share them with your team so you can keep your posts consistent. For your brand’s main color palette, choose two or three colors that you will use consistently. Using various other hues and shades of those colors is alright for some visuals, but for consistency purposes, always resort to your main colors when possible.
  • Brand your company with a font. Your brand’s font should also display your brand’s personality. By using the same fonts consistently, you will train your audience to associate that font with your brand. Just look at Coke and Disney–no matter where you see those fonts, you automatically think of the brands. Just remember, don’t go overboard when selecting a font. Two or three different but similar fonts should be enough.
  • Be selective when using photo filters. Most brands already have a font and color palette they consistently use–they’re usually the first two things that are selected when you design a logo. However, not many brands think of their photo filter preferences. The appropriate use of a photo filter can reinforce your brand’s culture and personality. It can also make your posts stand out and become recognizable on your followers’ news feeds. When choosing a photo filter that suits your brand, look at your other elements, such as color palette and font choice, and think about what message you want your images to convey. Are you bright and urban, whimsical and washed out, or maybe your brand is classic, clean and more black and white. You can display yourself as rugged, sophisticated, or trendy–all based on a photo filter. Try to only use one photo filter on all your images to bring a consistent look and feel to the photos that you’re sharing with your followers.
  • Be consistent with your design template. Now that you have your chosen palette, font, and photo filter, it’s time to use those elements in a fun and consistent design. This is best used for campaigns and your design can change with each campaign. However, the consistency will tie your social posts together, making the social campaign easy to recognize.

Your social goal is to build and maintain relationships with your audience–help build that relationship with familiar branding and visual displays. Make your content stand out on your followers’ newsfeeds and with each post, incorporate some insightful and engaging information. You know you’ve done your job right if you can take away your company’s logo and your audience automatically knows who created the image. While I’m off painting a new social-media-design masterpiece, share your input on the importance of visual design on social media outlets. Let me know what you think is most memorable and what draws your attention! After all, you’re your own most important critic in the social media art world. To learn more about social media and how The Contentinators can help your social media strategy, call 866-471-4748 or fill out our Engage.

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