American Football

Don’t Fumble Your Content Marketing

According to Nielsen, 111 million people (46% of Americans) watch the Super Bowl, a number that has remained consistent year after year. However, in the digital landscape, engagement has grown exponentially, in which the masses have flocked to YouTube, Twitter, and other mediums to feed their hunger for all things related to the Super Bowl. Smart brands are tapping into that audience through effective content marketing; some efforts are to be admired while other efforts are to be admonished. So, how can a brand become the VIP of this marketing game and not the dude who fumbles on first and goal? Here are some ways for your brand to stand out on game day.

YouTube: For those brands who can benefit from YouTube, the Super Bowl provides an amazing platform to get your content marketing efforts seen. According to Pixability, 2015’s Super Bowl ads were viewed more than 16 million times, which rose to 260 million on game day.

While a lot of football fans flock to YouTube for game highlights, player interviews, and game analysis, there are plenty of subcategories pertaining to football.

Think about how your brand can be a part of these categories and create content around them and feed their craving for the culture of football as a whole. If you are a restaurant, why not create a YouTube video about the perfect Super Bowl munchies for the game day? Remember to think about how your brand can contribute to the conversation surrounding the Super Bowl.

Stay Attentive: When Super Bowl XLVII experienced a power outage, Oreo jumped into the conversation with a brilliant concept:

By staying in the moment and scanning the appropriate social channels for high-volume conversation, Oreo was able to interject themselves into a real-time event to millions of people around the world who were discussing it. The graphic they created right away is a great example of effective content marketing that audiences love to devour and share.

Don’t Forget About Women: If you are planning on using this year’s Super Bowl as a springboard for your content marketing strategy, be mindful of demographics. According to AdWeek, 46 percent of football fans are women and 63 percent of women in America identify themselves as football fans. It is important that your content marketing efforts speak to both genders, being mindful of any misogynistic and condescending rhetoric. Long gone are the days of football being an all boys club; the ladies are here to stay, so speak to them as well.

Real-Time Marketing is Planned: Many people mistakenly think that real-time marketing is spontaneous, but great real-time marketing is meticulously planned. Take for example the famous “Ellen Selfie” of the 2015 Oscars.

This epic moment in award show history crashed Twitter’s servers and was retweeted over three million times. But Samsung had been working with Ellen for a while on how to incorporate their products into her show. Ellen came up with the selfie idea, one that was not a spur of the moment thing. Look for opportunities for these “improvised” moments to implement during big events so you can deliver compelling content to your audience. Oh, and be careful about your real-time efforts and don’t pull Totino’s epic fail during Super Bowl XLVII. They scheduled their tweets that were then published a full 24 hours before the Super Bowl started and then didn’t delete them. Be careful, people! Talk about creating brand mistrust.

Everyone knows that content marketing is the way to go in your digital marketing efforts, but to make it resonate with your audience is what separates the big dogs from the pups. Look for those moments in Americana, such as the Super Bowl, and tap into it smartly and effectively. If you don’t, you risk insulting your audience’s intelligence. Start thinking outside the box, and if you need help with your content marketing efforts, The Contentinators™ are here to help. Give us a call at 866-471-4748, or contact us online.