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A university’s alumni base is one the greatest resources a school can tap into, and keeping up-to-date with that base is both a challenge and an asset in itself. As generations connected to all forms of social media continue to graduate, it will be essential to have a proper plan in place to stay in touch with these young technocrats. One way to do that effectively is through the power of content marketing, and particularly, LinkedIn. Alumni bases are networks, and tapping into them can help a university with everything from fundraising to future connections of your current crop of students.

One of the things that is challenging about keeping in contact with your alumni base online is the variety of social networks that graduates can spread out to. For that reason, using a social media platform with a solid and growing subscriber base can be crucial. LinkedIn’s University pages, a service that began in 2013, has access to 25,000 different universities worldwide and 300 million users. Odds are, a good chunk of your alumni base is found in those enormous numbers. University Pages offers your institution the ability to customize a homepage in order to put your institution’s priorities and principals forward facing in the digital world.

But education-based content marketing requires a unique and distinctive approach. Put simply, your alumni base is inured to so much online content that standing out from the pack is vital. Having a platform with engaging content and the ability to present your brand to a targeted base allow for highly specific approaches. However, why is it important for your alumni to stay in touch with your institution?How is your university hoping to stay relevant with alumni in a post-graduation world? What connections can you help facilitate? These are the questions an alumni base will have in mind, and your answers can be crafted and evolved on an assortment of social platforms.

Your online alumni groups allow for interaction and expansion of what is an inherently limited field of potential followers. In a sense, it’s of even more importance to have high-quality content when appealing to alumni: they not only have expectations of the university, but they are a reflection of the university itself. How your alumni base expresses itself online can be a direct reflection of how your university will be viewed by prospective students. To view them as collaborators is entirely fair. Your content should be shaped and guided by them, but also have the ability to lead them in new directions.

Content marketing, especially education-based, is best used when it is an ongoing interaction. Your university should be taking in information at similar rates as you are putting information out. A running dialogue enables the greatest opportunities for both sides, and by tapping into powerful platforms such as LinkedIn and their University Pages, you’ve enabled a whole new field of alumni to find and rediscover their school. Just getting onto the scene is crucial, but knowing your way around it is revelatory.

Using LinkedIn’s University Pages with energetic and vibrant content expands an alumni base by engaging them on a variety of levels. Alumni see LinkedIn as a resource for advancing professional careers, and by adding a dedicated page devoted to their school, and its connections, only helps. This symbiotic relationship can be enhanced on your LinkedIn University Page with available content services such as decision boards, field study explorers and university outcome rankings. Nimble and multifaceted in online response and interaction, no institution should let the opportunity pass to expand their alumni base with this emerging platform combined with insightfully marketed content.

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Want to reach a whole new digital audience? We convert your existing blogs to dynamic audio experiences. #Audio #Blogging #Podcasting #ContentMarketing

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How's your hotel website copy? We're here to make it snappy.
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