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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that every great superhero needs villains from which to protect his innocent and unaware citizens, especially when it comes to content marketing. I may or may not have started that sentence in the same way as a famous Jane Austen novel, on which I based my Creative Lit. Thesis, but that’s for another discussion. Anyway, we Contentinators have our fair share of evil to do battle against. It would be remiss of me not to identify these fiendish miscreants for the benefit of our loyal content marketing citizens.

Be aware, ladies and gentlemen, these rapscallions are quite conniving. Should you ever find yourself in contact with one or many of them, your best bet is to send up the Contentinators signal, STAT.



This trickster is a cunning little fox. His MO is teaching innocent brands the seemingly sly way of fooling internet search engines. But not so fast: while SIN’s tactics might seems like the best way to get your content found thousands and millions of times over, it won’t work. Doing a deal with this guy is the equivalent of sending your content straight to the bottom of Google’s search rankings. Be afraid, be very afraid.

SUSPECT #2: Dr. Deceptor


Nothing is quite as terrifying as a guy with a degree used just for evil powers. The Doctor, as we call him in the Contentinators realm, is just that. He’ll promise the world his guileful knowledge and shifty expertise, and then he’ll deliver absolutely nothing. His spam gets through the best of junk mail filters, so if you’re targeted, don’t be surprised. Just give us a call and we’ll be on the hunt to clean up his mess.

SUSPECT #3: SocioSiren


The villainess behind all those empty Instagram likes and ‘Follow for Follow’ messages? You guessed it: the crafty SocioSiren herself. As we say in the business: flattery will get you absolutely nowhere, so don’t fall into this evil trap. Your best move when it comes to this sly fox is to use the big fat BLOCK button and say Sayonara!

SUSPECT #4: MalContent


Have you ever read an absolutely pointless, horribly written blog post or email? This is the work of MalContent, the knave behind some of the worst content that has ever graced the internet. He thrives off of unsubscribe and unfollow lists – the unhappier your followers are, the more he thrives. His force is strong, but sticking with us makes you that much more fortified against his evil ways.

These are the four villains lurking behind the scenes of terrible digital marketing. In the coming weeks, I’ll provide more indepth information on each of them. But in the mean time, do your part and be on the lookout, and if you ever run into one of them, you know who to call.

Are you ready to kick some bad guy ass? Reach out to the Contentinators®-we are willing and able to help you rid your digital marketing world of this scum and get your content marketing oh-so-sweet. Call us at 866-471-4748 or fill out our contact form.

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