Open wide and say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

When’s the last time that your content had a checkup? If you can’t answer that question, now is the time.  Many businesses tend to simply set their content and forget it, meanwhile, people change, demographics can shift, products change, services evolve, before you know it, that content is outdated and obsolete. Assessing your content should be a regular practice and I’ve assembled a few tips to help you perform a content checkup:

The Content Checkup:

  1. Your Website.
  2. How is that about us page? Do you still have Bob Jones on the staff page even though he was fired two years ago for that incident with the hamster and the coffee pot? Spend some time going through your website page by page and ensure that your message is concise, brief, relevant and in line with your brand voice.

  3. Your Blog.
  4. Check the frequency of your blogging and ensure that you are consistently feeding your intended audience with media-rich content that speaks to them.  Review the blogs to be certain that they are still accurate and relevant, develop an editorial calendar to install future content that matches your sales cycle, or feeds prospects with timely, relevant information.

  5. Your Social Media Channels.
  6. If Tiffany, the 19-year-old Intern was responsible for bellowing out the voice of your brand and you see a whole lot of LOL’s, OMG’s, Selfies & photos of lunch, it’s time to re-define your social voice.  Check comments, check your tribe to be certain you are engaging the right audience and create an editorial social calendar designed to reach your audience and provide for maximum conversation.

If, during your content checkup you discover that your content is ailing, be certain to call The Contentinators for a content remedy: 866-471-4748.


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