The Dark Side Of Content Marketing.

Good Vs. Evil. Light Vs. Dark. Premium Content Vs. Digital Nonsense.
Many companies keep hearing that they need content to survive online. Many companies are paying bargain basement content generation companies, oftentimes, overseas, to create ‘content’ on their behalf, all in hopes of obtaining better SEO rankings.

This is where the problem lies. Companies who are ordering up copious amounts of cheap, sub-par content are in fact hurting their online presence more than helping it. Here’s why. It’s true, Google does want content, but Google wants amazing, rich and relevant content that feeds it’s hungry searchers, NOT copy full of nonsense and overstuffed with keywords meant to game and manipulate the rankings.

Copy written by the Dark Side can consist of the following characteristics:

  • Terrible Grammar.
  • Stuffed to the gills with keywords.
  • Makes no sense.
  • Doesn’t belong where it’s posted, not relevant.
  • Not written by a natural English speaker.
  • Inferences to foreign cultures, etc…
  • Run on sentences.
  • Not factual or cited for references.

My Superhero team of premium content writers is trained to seek out and destroy this evil content. We replace evil with good and strive to rid the digital world of nonsense copy. Start feeding your audience today with a premium content subscription from The Contentinators and help us rid the world of evil content.

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