The Power of Emotions

The Power of Emotions to Connect With Your Audience

Human beings crave for humans connections. Everytime we feel someone is speaking our language, we feel that rush and adrenaline that make us automatically feel a connection to that person. It’s a human thing. We are hard-wired to be compelled to establish that connection by the power of great stories. Even in our hurried moments through the day, we tend to stop for a minute and pay attention to that piece of content that is talking about something that matters to us, that involves us.

It is how it is, and that’s why companies should know better and try to engage with users through their emotions, and not the other way around. Businesses and brands should nurture their relations with their audience by doing something remarkable to make that instant connection with their fans.

Here are seven tips to connect more deeply with your users on a daily basis:

  • Know Your Unique Value Proposition: Define a couple of things that make your company different and remarkable from others, and then preach about it.
  • Know Your Audience as You Know Your BFF: Since you don’t want to be talking to a wall, dedicate some time to get to know your audience and to learn what they are expecting from your company. Then, give it to them.
  • Delight and Inspire Your Audience with Remarkable Experiences: Don’t create content just because. Create it with a purpose and with a goal in mind. Give them value, give them love, and the rest will come alone.
  • It’s Not Me, it’s You:Normally, it’s the other way around (if you know what I mean…), but when it comes to the business-client type of relationship, this is the way to go. Your audience comes first, their concerns must be your priority, and you should be in charge of giving them what they want.
  • Make an Impact with Every Word You Share:This is exactly what is going to make the difference. If you just keep saying what others say, your words are going to end in the same gigantic hole as the rest of the miserables. And we know you are not one of them, so make an impact in every single piece of work you share. It could be something as simple as a quote, picture, infographic, personal life lessons, etc…Give them something to engage them with.
  • Be Open and Humble: We just talked about sharing personal life lessons, and this is what this tip is about. Show your audience the human behind that computer by sharing touching content. Show them the essence of your company, and let them smell what that company breathes. Make your audience see the company as a human, not as an empty building.
  • Stick to Your Promises: Don’t tell them “stay tuned to our Facebook page for Tuesday’s webinar”, to then leave them waiting for nothing to happen. Don’t promise them a picture of the team if you know that’s never going to happen. Gain the trust of your audience by simply doing what you promised them. Respect them as you respect Grandma!

As the great marketer Andrew Davis, founder of Monumental Shifts, says “your goal should be to own quality time in your customer’s inbox.”

At the end of the day, the way we connect with brands is like the way true love works in real life: we find something that we like about that brand, and we feel like we want to read from them everyday. Maybe it was just a post with a positive quote that put a smile on our day, or maybe it was a tip on a blog that helped us to solve that huge problem we had. Whatever it was, it worked to make you want that brand close. In reality, people like brands, and they actually follow them when the brand clicks with them. You are in charge to make that click happen.

If you are looking for content marketing that clicks with your audience, don’t forget to give a shout-out to one of our superheroes. We can make that connection happen, and that’s what we are here for. Call 866-471-4748 today!