The True Cost Of Bad Content

Is your SEO company or agency subbing out your content? Where is it coming from? Who is writing it? What’s the purpose of that content? Where is that content being distributed? Who is that content being written for?  If evil content is being written on your behalf, your business could be suffering and paying the price.  Here’s an all too often scenario:
Your prospect has a problem.  They open Google in their browser. They search for an answer to their problem.  They find an article that looks like it will hold the hidden treasure your prospect has been seeking.  They read the headline of the article and dive into the first paragraph.  They don’t get past the third sentence and hit the back button.  What just happened?  The content was garbage and that prospect just formed an instant opinion about your brand.

Here are just a few ‘costs’ of bad content.

  • Loss Of Credibility.

    Now that they’ve associated that digital spam with your company, they are far more likely to go to your competitor.

  • Loss Of Authority.

    If you’ve positioned your business as an authority figure in your industry, evil content can tear that image down quickly.

  • Lack Of Share-ability

    Evil content will not be shared across the Internet in social media channels, other blogs, etc., therefore, the life-cycle of that digital spam

  • Google Is Catching On.

    As search engines become more and more sophisticated, they are enhancing their algorithms to weed out digital spam. Once Google, for example, associates your brand with this sinister content, your online presence can be penalized.

Premium content is written for PEOPLE, not search engines.  It’s written to compel, intrigue, educate and endear prospects and customers to your brand.  When it’s time to enhance your content marketing campaign with rich, premium content, it’s time to call The Contentinators @ 866-471-4748.

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