Transforming Your Content

Why would I, Captain Content, invite you to take such a challenge? Simple – I want you to have a successful marketing campaign and have you join me in the battle against Deceptor Marketing. The most successful sales strategies today are totally different from those of even just a year ago. You need to be creative and fluid in your approach to your blog and branding. I can’t stress it enough – keep your readers wanting more.
Day 1

Today’s blog must immediately grab your reader’s attention. Make your heading provocative and enticing. That’s the challenge for Day 1. It’s easier said than done, so take a day to really explore potential headings and try them out on your team. Your heading will be re-stated several times throughout your blog, so make it killer.

Day 2

On Day 2, your goal is to clearly define the niche your brand satisfies by exploiting the void it fills. Start with the problem. Be brief, blunt and kick-a$$. Explain your product/service and how it fills that emptiness. Carefully hammer home why your brand is the only one worth considering but be careful not to make it sound repetitive. There is a delicate balance to be struck here.

Day 3

Make your brand relatable to your target market on Day 3. Pose a question that may spark their interest, or present a hypothetical situation that your reader can see himself/herself experiencing. They need to feel it. Then crank up that laser and shine a light on your brand’s power to resolve the issue.

Day 4

Day 4 is the day to weave in a testimonial and/or expertise to feature the quality, value, and importance of your uniqueness. Brag on dudes and dudettes. Provide credible, relatable references. Have an Appletini tonight (or your choice of libation) to celebrate – your content is halfway transformed!

Day 5

Hopefully you didn’t over-do it last night because today, Day 5, you need to develop a method to compare your brand against your competitor. Introduce your reader to the downside of choosing another brand over yours. It’s o.k. to go a little dark at this point; make your reader feel that you are the smarter choice and that your brand is trustworthy.

Day 6

The Day 6 challenge is daunting as you must now recap the needs of your reader and restate the means employed by your brand to satisfy those needs without being repetitive. Unleash your creative genes and send them forth to the page. Re-read and re-write if the spirit strikes – you have almost completed the challenge.

Day 7

With the dawning of Day 7, your content transformation is almost complete. Finish your blog with an audacious invitation to your reader. You’ve written so well that they realize they can’t live without your brand. Offer incentives if applicable and guarantee their total satisfaction with your brand. Gather your team and celebrate the total transformation!

At the end of this 1 week challenge, I promise that you have produced an amazing blog to post to your website. The more often you take the challenge the better you will become at developing fresh and enticing content. Eventually, you won’t even need a week to write your magic.

Anxious about taking the challenge? Never fear! (yes I went there) The Contentinators are here! My superheroes are ready to help transform your thoughts into new and exciting content. Start a discussion with our team…you’ll be amazed with the results!

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