Travel and content—could there be a better match? Take those photos of stunning locations and imagine them plugged into content. Imagine blogs that show and tell a story about skydiving adventures, and visual social media that displays a city skyline during a sunset. Travelers seek inspiration that convinces them to hop on a plane and see what life is like outside of their own city. The Contentinators® Content Marketing Agency understand how travel content can motivate someone to explore, and we’re here to help you guide travelers toward new experiences.


Travel inspires. People long for exciting experiences, beautiful sights, delicious food, and the opportunity to meet new people. Even business travelers are getting tired of hopping on a plane, attending an event, and going home. These “bleisure” travelers see the benefits of leisure travel and are adding days to their trips to unwind and explore. Travel content points them directly toward the adventure they crave.

The key is to deliver the experience that travelers are searching for. They want to see a story of what this location can offer them. Does it let them grab a kayak for the first time and enjoy the calming rush of the water? Or is it the perfect place to try all the local restaurants and flood Instagram with pictures of food? Travelers dig through reviews and social media for itinerary suggestions. Through travel content marketing, you can be the one who inspires them to take that long-needed vacation.

Beach and Starfish

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For travelers, seeing one or two major, historical sights and then going home isn’t the top priority. They want to visit the location and enjoy it as a resident would. Fancy, expensive restaurants and famous landmarks have their charm, but they don’t show a traveler an authentic experience of life in the area. It’s like saying Orlando culture entirely revolves around Disney. Orlando may love Mickey Mouse, but the art district downtown says more about the locals. Likewise, travelers want to enjoy the local hotspots alongside residents who understand local culture.

Travelers can be a tricky demographic to reach, however. They prefer and trust user-generated content over advertising.

Don’t be discouraged! An effective content marketing strategy listens to what the customer wants and gives it to them. There are a combination of factors that drive travelers to action: inspiration and reviews. Through content and social media, you hold the tools necessary to deliver both. You can give them details about the nearest local restaurant near their hotel, and you can also open up a discussion with your audience. Encourage travelers to share reviews and photos of their trips, because they have them. A lot of them.

Some say that we spend too much time taking pictures on vacation and we should throw out our phones and live our lives. In reality, this compulsive picture-taking trend isn’t going away—and travel content marketing benefits from the habit. Offer your knowledge and encourage travelers to share their own experiences and photos. The combination inspires them and builds their trust in you.

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Travel is built for content marketing platforms. Stunning visuals can pull in travelers and show them the local experiences that the location offers. Travelers are already active online through every step of the journey, from planning their itinerary to posting photos and reviews once they’re home. By crafting blogs and social media that appeal to them, travel agencies can attract and hold this audience’s attention, which leads to travelers making new plans with you.

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