The Internet was created to share content. Google was created to index and display that content. Your web site was created to share your message with the folks typing in their problems in the Google search box. Content marketing is the new marketing, the more relevant, fresh and unique content that your marketing program can churn out, the higher the odds that you will pull the right prospects to your brand through your web site, social media channels or youtube channels.
Here are a few content marketing trends that you need to be mindful of when you are planning out your 2013 internet marketing strategy.


56% of all marketers now are using YouTube to distribute video. Video is taking off at an alarming rate and your business needs to be considering this. Consider creating three or four quick videos a month and add them to your channel. Don’t forget that Google chews up YouTube and displays videos in the Google search engine results.

Content Re-Distribution

One solid content marketing strategy is to share or re-distribute industry news through your social media channels, blog, etc.. Be certain to add your own two cents to the content, why you shared it, etc..

Going Mobile.

How many times do you pick up your cell phone / smart phone / Ipad during the day to check the news, etc.? Be certain that your content marketing strategy includes proper formatting for tablets, smart phones, etc..

Webinars / Hangouts

This strategy works very well for B2B. Business webinars / hangouts have increased 25 percent in 2012 over 2011. Many businesses are using these webinars to help educate and share product information. Consider adding a few webinars for your existing B2B clients to show them new product ideas, how to maintain products, how to best utilize your services, etc..

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