4 Content Marketing Tips To Turn Your Staff Into A Team Of Content Marketers.

    It’s no shocking revelation that content creation needs to be a vital component of your brands marketing strategy, so why not turn your entire staff / team into a content marketing machine? Here are three tips to get them engaged and churning out quality & relevant content.

  1. Keep your staff tuned in.

    Provide your staff with the news that they need in order to produce newsworthy content for the company. Consider an Inter-office emailer once a week that informs them of company details (worthy of being shared.)

  2. Get Em’ Organized.

    Appoint one staff member per department to be the official editorial spokesperson, put them in charge of keeping the company brand consistent throughout supplied content.

  3. Encourage Them.

    Encourage your staff members to spread the good word about your company, if it’s customer service for example, provide them with the tools they would need to produce a weekly video addressing product concerns, etc., if it’s sales, encourage them to share new ways to use your products, etc..

  4. Simplify.

    Make the content approval an easy and efficient process for them, if they have to jump through a ton of hoops to get their content approved, they will QUICKLY lose interest.

  5. Stay tuned for more content marketing tips from Captain Content and our League of superhero content writers. Remember, The Contentinators can help your content marketing program grow with our content subscription plans. Call 866-471-4748 for more information.


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