Meet Deceptor Marketing. They lie, they cheat, they steal, they push old ladies, they don’t put the toilet seat cover down, and they don’t know the first thing about executing a solid and remarkable content marketing strategy.

Deceptor Marketing

Doctor Deceptor

Pure evil and pure doofus. Doctor Deceptor tricks unknowing businesses into signing ridiculous contracts for evil marketing services that are destined to fail. He is elusive, but our superheroes have been right on his tail. If seen, contact us immediately.

Doctor Deceptor Figure


This guy drives us nuts. SinSEO preys on unsuspecting businesses by promising number one rankings in Google overnight. His practices are pure evil and his lack of ethics, morals, values, and true SEO skills are disgusting, but rumor has it, he’s one hell of a tuba player.



This Deceptor Marketing employee is a certifiable nut-job. She’s like that psycho ex-girlfriend who always had to wear your clothes, bathe in your cologne, and stalk you around town every night.

SocioSiren loves to post, and post, and post, and post some more. She posts garbage, naughty stuff, pictures of kittens over and over, and ends up hurting the brands she works for with a horrid social media reputation.

SocioSiren Figure


Perhaps the most sinister villain on the digital planet is MalContent. He loves long walks on the beaches, deep fried gator tail, and littering the digital planet with nonsense content.

Using his evil superpowers, he summons shoddy, shallow, non-sensical content from other countries and funnels it through the inter-webs. His content is why Captain Content exists.

The Bottom Line

Your content marketing needs to be done right. It needs to be trusted to professionals. Professionals who love what they do and know their space better than anyone. If you’re trapped working with a company like Deceptor Marketing, you need to call us, like yesterday. Click that nifty button below, and we’ll fly right over to save the day.