Where To Find Content Inspiration

Do you often find yourself wishing that your creative muse supplied you with endless ideas for amazing content every day? Well, guess what? This isn’t DISNEY WORLD, people. This is real life, and I’m a real superhero who’s here to tell you that you can actually have those days full of awesome content inspiration, just by looking and thinking outside the box. So listen up. Or go back to waiting for your fairy godmother to come floating in on her white horse before the last rose petal drops, whatever you prefer.Using these sources of content inspiration will ensure that you’re never having to call upon your magic genie in a bottle again.

Your Audience. Take what your readers are saying or asking about your business or product and expand upon it for great content. This way you have the guarantee that what you’re producing is relevant to your audience and is providing them with useful information that they’re inclined to read.

Google Adwords. Don’t be scared, the mysterious land of SEO and Google’s search algorithm is actually here to help. Google has a completely free tool that allows you to research keywords to find out a good estimate of how many searches are being done for a certain word. This way you can incorporate these words into your content topics, and you can also see similar words that are getting a lot of queries.

Our Great Big World. For those of us who spend the majority of our day glued to all things digital, it’s easy to forget that there are real, live, physical things happening just outside our doorsteps, (or above our noses pointed towards our digital devices). The simple act of observing interactions between people, listening to conversations, or any everyday event can cause inspiration to strike when you least expect it. It’s often the times when we take our eyes off the digital landscape, and our minds away from the task at hand, that we’re awash with great ideas. Just make sure you have pen and paper, or your mobile device (as if you wouldn’t) handy to log all of your creative juices or snap a beautiful photo.

Look Within. Take a lesson from your habits and think about the content you click, open, share or just pay attention to as you go about your day. Start to track which content earns your attention over a period of time. In doing so, you’ll get a good feel for the kinds of topics that are appealing, versus the ones that don’t earn your love, and likely your audience’s.

Recycle. Don’t fall into the trap that all great content has to be new, especially not for your social channels. First of all, remember that your audience doesn’t have nearly as much interaction with your content as you do. You live and breath it, so it’s easy to think that a blog post from a few months ago is too recent. But if your audience liked it then, it’s pretty likely that they’ll continue to like it now. This also holds true for blogs – you can easily repurpose previous popular topics for a fresh new spin on a popular idea.

Still need help? If you need a serious inspiration session, or just wanna talk sometime, give us a call at 866-471-4748. The Contentinators can solve any content problem, just as long as you’re nice.

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