When Your Content Sucks

I’ve seen it before friends.  Copy remorse.  You’ve gotten that website nearly 90 percent finished.  You’re ready to go live.  You’re excited to go live.  You’ve dumped butt-loads of cash into this marketing masterpiece, but something just doesn’t feel right.  You put the brakes on.  You’ve got cold feet.  You can’t quite put your finger on it right away, but something is amuck.
Then it hits you. And it hits you hard.  Your COPY SUCKS.  You’ve tried to read it through. You can’t get through the first sentence, or the second, or even the third.  This doesn’t represent your brand, your baby, your masterpiece of a company one bit.  The site will not launch. The show will not go on until your copy represents and speaks to your audience.

Sure, it was cheaper to hire that guy who emailed you and offered to write your web content for pennies on the dollar.  Sure, he was quick, it was easy and he knew your name when he spammed you.  But. (And this is a big BUT….) He is not connecting with your customers.  He doesn’t understand your market.  He doesn’t know what an editorial calendar is. He doesn’t even know what the term ROI means.  This guy could be killing your business before YOU even get a chance to communicate with your prospects.

Friends, your business is too important to hire shoddy copywriters.  The digital planet is becoming more and more polluted with sinister, evil, boring, non-engaging content on a daily basis.  Don’t fall victim to evil content.  Copywriting is NOT the place to shave a few dollars off. It’s important to you. It’s important to your customers. It’s important to the search engines.  It’s important to me.

If your content needs rescuing, call me: 866-471-4748.  My league of hand-picked Supererhero content writers is here to breath life, passion, engagement and relevancy into your web content, blog content and social media content.

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