Do-It-Yourself Content Marketing

While the majority of businesses understand that they should be producing more engaging content in order to ensure a quality connection with their well-connected consumers, those businesses fail to understand that generating more content can eventually lead higher conversions and/or sales. The first instinct for a company is to try and take on a content marketing campaign without the help of outside strategies, experts and influencers. This can be a big task if you’re not running content marketing for companies like IKEA and other large corporations. Let’s look at some of the reasons that DIY content marketing campaigns tend to fail.

Your organization has developed an actionable strategy.

There are a large number companies that are just aimlessly adopting content marketing trends without any real strategy and trying to make them stick. While you may have a ton of people who think they can help with your marketing, very few people within an organization have the time or the knowledge to execute an actionable content marketing strategy.

IKEA does a fantastic job of allowing their employees to be featured in an area that allows both the brand and its employees to win. IKEA formed a Home Tour Squad to leave their home stores for one year and travel the country to help IKEA customers to furnish and design rooms while using video to document their journey.

While not every company can be like IKEA, it’s beneficial to talk to professional content marketing experts to develop a strategy that makes sense for your organization and moves forward to execute that strategy.

Your organization doesn’t have the expertise for proper analysis.

Unless you have an expansive in-house marketing team, you probably do not have someone on staff that is an analytics expert. Analytics, whether in Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or several other content platforms, can be a challenge to wrap your head around. What metrics matter? What metrics will help me determine if I’m reaching my goal? What is my goal? What do all of these words mean? Find an organization that understands how to set objectives for your content marketing efforts, create an actionable plan to help execute those objectives, and then analyze the results to see if those objectives were met, and what actions need to happen to adjust the strategy. Analysis and reporting are an integral part of content marketing, and without that, your organization may not get the most from your implementation.

Your organization is too deep within your own brand to realize what’s going to pique your audience’s interest.

We see this often. We see an organization that is so immersed in their own brand/industry that it’s challenging to think of innovative, compelling ideas to reinvigorate the interest of their audience. Sometimes, it takes an outside party to generate some fresh ideas that will provide a new brand perspective.

Hiring a content marketing agency will allow you to get actual data-driven actions that will provide you with results that will eventually lead to an increased ROI for your digital efforts. The Contentinators® research your audience in depth to see where they hang out and what they do online. After getting that data, we will generate content in a fresh, new way, that will be appealing to them in a way that will give your brand credibility and influence in your industry.

Your organization doesn’t have the time or the manpower to execute a successful campaign.

If you think that you can dedicate a few employees who have other primary job responsibilities to your content marketing efforts, you are sorely mistaken. What typically happens is an organization will try and have two or three competent, yet inexperienced, employees working on this particular project, and it will always take a backseat to their normal day-to-day activities. You’ll find that your content marketing efforts may fall short when you don’t have a team dedicated to its success.

Utilizing the tools and the resources that are available to your brand is a great way to keep your content marketing cost-effective, but you will need to supplement an effective, strategic content marketing strategy, and we can help. We provide professionally-written content for your business that includes SEO, graphics and social media introductions. Contact us today by calling 1-866-471-4748 or by filling out our form below.
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